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SEO services canada

Are you a small business owner in Canada?

Does your website need better SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Do you want to analyze and upgrade your website?

Would you like expert help with content creation?

Do you need to improve your Social Media presence?

We offer affordable SEO, Website Analysis and Social Media solutions for Canadian small businesses. Our services are comprehensive and cost-effective. While a great looking site is important, it's a well built, fast, SEO implemented site, and a strong web presence that makes all the difference in search result performance and customer conversion.

SEO services canada

SEO and Website Analysis services for an optimized, properly coded site.

Most of our clients come to us because they've either built their sites themselves, or hired an inexpensive web-designer. Eventually, they realize their site doesn't show up well (or at all) in search engine results. This is because SEO is not easy or simple. It's involved, complex, and is constantly evolving.

Very few web-designers learn SEO, and they tend to build sites based on how they look, not how they work overall. Do-it-yourself website builders have the exact same issues. Which always means badly written, error-filled code and little-to-no SEO implementation. Search engines like perfect, clean, up-to-date, optimized website code and content. They like it a lot. You'll be amazed how much better your site does after we improve it for you!

social media management ervices canada

Social Media Management services on all major social sites.

When you're already busy running your small business, it can be hard to find time to set-up and manage a Social Media presence too. Social Media for businesses is quite different than it is for personal use, and it's important to get it right the first time. You need to keep your audience interested, with relevant, interesting posts, links and images, and encourage them to engage and share.

Whether you need help from the ground-up, creating business pages, or whether you just need help managing and updating your content, with our Social Media Management services, your online business presence is effective and stress free!

social media management ervices canada

With our expert help, your small business will grow and thrive.

We're based in Vancouver, BC. Our Social Media Management, Website Analysis and SEO Expert services are available to Canadian small businesses in all provinces and territories.

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