Search Engine Optimization

For your Canadian Small Business: Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria

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At Prismatic, we specialize in SEO for Canadian small business websites. We understand that a good website doesn't just look nice, it also has flawless, optimized code which works across all browsers and devices.

Have you wondered why your site does poorly in search results, even though you hired a web-designer and/or web-developer? Unfortunately, almost all web-designers and developers have no training in SEO, and most of them are also untrained in standards-compliant coding methods. A badly coded site, with little or no optimization, is next to useless.

Standards compliant, error-free, SEO website code is essential to the survival of your business. It makes an enormous difference in search results rankings, which of course means more customer conversions.

Initial SEO Services

$300 per webpage - For sites with up to 5 pages
$250 per webpage - For sites with up to 10 pages
$200 per webpage - For sites with up to 15 pages

Optimized text and code. Optimized keywords and keyphrases. Optimized meta-tags and image tags. Content proofing for spelling, punctuation and grammar. Optimizing images and code for page-speed (loading time) improvement. Link checking. Ensuring standards-compliant code. Sitemap creation.

Great savings with our $5000 SEO and Webmaster Ongoing Support Package

After your initial optimization, our 1 Year Support package provides you with:

Ongoing SEO Support: We manage, update and monitor your website's SEO for 12 months.

Ongoing Content Support: 12 months of updates as needed to the images and text on your site. Contact information, rates, services, business hours of operation, events, list(s) of products, employees, etc.

Payable upfront, or in installments of $1250 every 4 months.

Renewable each year.