Search Engine Optimization

seo services vancouver

Just like you, at Prismatic we're business owners who rely on search results to generate new clients.

We understand that a good website doesn't just look nice, it also has flawless, optimized code which works across all browsers and devices.

Better code is essential to the survival of your business, because it means better ranking in search results and more customer conversions.

Quality SEO for an affordable price:


  • 4 web-pages $800
  • Additional pages: $175 per page
  • 2 days of free changes to your meta tags after your improved site is online.


  • $50 per page for html or html5 code changes or additions
  • $75 per page for CSS code changes or additions
  • $2500 per year for monthly webmaster and SEO services *

* Our $2500 yearly inclusive fee also covers minor changes to text, images and colours for 12 months.