About Prismatic Web Solutions

For your Canadian Small Business: Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria

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With a background in web-design, copy-editing, quality assurance, and coding, we began as a website analysis service in Vancouver in 2006.

Most web-designers are not trained to incorporate SEO,and many don't know how to create standards-compliant coding. Because of this, about 75% of the websites we audit, have poor site performance and poor search engine result rankings. As hiring individual SEO experts, coding experts and site-auditors is very costly, we realized there was a need for an affordable, all-in-one solution.

Social media has become a key factor in a strong online presence, but it can be overwhelming to start, create and maintain pages on multiple social media sites, especially when you're also running a small business. We also offer comprehensive Social Media Management, including ongoing support.

We're business owners ourselves, we know the importance of a well built, optimized website and a strong social media presence. We believe that essential services should be affordable. Which is why we offer reasonable, all-inclusive prices for all of our options.